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What's In Your Mindful Toolbox? TEST

nina 2 mindfulness bell.JPG

What's in Your Mindful Toolbox? A Singing Bowl

We listened to the sound of the singing bowl on the first day of school.

Actually, we listened to the sound of the bowl every day during the first week. The children were drawn to the bowl or the bell, as we sometimes called it. They enjoyed the weight, the color, and the texture and frequently commented on its temperature. They were particularly fascinated by the sound it made and how that sound reverberated in their minds, hearts and bodies. Dedicating this time to attend to the sound of the bell began a yearlong dialogue about hearing, deep listening, feeling, and memory.

Looking tired, feeling nervous and sitting in the meeting area on our first day of school, our morning meeting gets underway...

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What's in Your Mindful Toolbox? Your Feet!

Mindful awareness or mindfulness is an instrumental tool in my elementary school classroom. By early October the children have been taught four different secular mindfulness techniques. They have been encouraged to choose one technique that supports them in focusing their mind and calming their bodies. This mindful snapshot is about one of the first practices I teach each class.

Imagine: It has been raining on and off for a few days and the children have not been able to go outside during recess. Today is another gray drizzly day. It is after lunch...

What's in Your Mindful Toolbox?  Leashing the Puppy!

Mindfulness or mindful awareness continues to be a staple in my elementary school classroom. Children are learning to pay attention to the here and now, with kindness and curiosity, so they can begin to understand that there is a choice in how they interact with their own minds and with others. Leashing the Puppy, a mindful awareness technique, can be taught and practiced by children eight years and older. Through this method, they can learn to notice and harness the workings of a meandering mind and learn to refocus their attention.

Imagine: It's Monday morning. The children are filled with anticipation and possible dread of what the day holds....